Our Mission

To provide a complete and comprehensive education (chinuch) in a standard Yeshiva setting for students (bochurim) who have struggled to succeed in the existing educational infrastructure.

Rav Sender Kaszirer founded the Mesivta in 2006. From the vantage point of an experienced Mesivta Rebbe, he foresaw the need of a Mesivta for bochurim who for various reasons were not fitting into the typical Yeshiva setting. Many bochurim were simply giving up and falling out of the Yeshiva system. The Mesivta, with its unique programs and ruach was established to specifically stem this tide. With the encouragement and sage advice of the Gedolim, the Mesivta was established and flourishes. R’ Kaszirer is an acknowledged expert in chinuch, specializing in the chinuch relating to teenagers.


The Mesivta of Eatontown is the premier Mesivta for bochurim who are striving to feel accepted and grow to the best of their innate abilities. It’s dedicated Rabbeim form a lifelong kesher with the talmidim, and gives each bochur the space and understanding they need to thrive. The Mesivta succeeds by creating an atmosphere that promotes positive growth and encouragement for each bochur to reach their fullest potential.

Through the atmosphere of love and encouragement that the Mesivta provides, we enable these teenagers to re-invest themselves in their learning and Avodas HaShem. Although the Mesivta services students who are not “mainstream”, we have built the Mesivta on a standard school model, offering a full schedule of shiurim and classes. We demand and expect our students to adhere to the rules and programming. This balance of love, encouragement, and concern with expectations, accountability, organization, and direction creates a nourishing, nurturing atmosphere and a clear direction for its bochurim to follow and succeed.

The Mesivta boasts a proven track record, with over 90% of its students going on to study in Beis Medrash in Eretz Yisrael after graduation. Some bochurim have begun college classes (and many of those are concurrently learning in yeshivos), others are still learning full time, and some have entered the workforce. All will attest to the fact that it is due to the education and guidance that they have received from the Mesivta that has enabled them to become upstanding and contributing members of the community.


The Mesivta has a full curriculum of Gemara, Halacha, Mussar, Chumash, as well as a fully accredited secular studies program. There is a full extracurricular program; including a gym, weight room, karate classes, and music lessons.

There are trips and shabbatons throughout the year. These trips are there to provide a positive and complementary quality to the total chinuch the Mesivta aims to instill in its bochurim.

Through bringing a bochur outside of his comfort zone we can help him be more receptive to messages he might otherwise ignore. We are able to make a more powerful impact on a student when he is in a place that lends itself to learning those lessons we are trying to impart. This is also a chance for bochurim to experience and grow in their bein adam l’chaveiro in ways that are not always present in the day to day of yeshiva life. These trips create an element of excitement and camaraderie that foster amongst the student body.

Current enrollment is a student body of 38 bochurim with a growth potential of reaching 100 bochurim with our current financial situation and staffing infrastructure.